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Belt Squat Machine with Belt
The Westside Belt Squat

Hands down this is the most effective device to strengthen and condition a fighter at the same time. It puts no load on the upper back or shoulders as the weight belt is pulling from the hips down which will actually traction out the spine and can help cure pelvic tilt.

Reverse Hyper with dual pendulum
Reverse Hyper with dual pendulum

The Reverse Hyper® is a staple in our Strength & Conditioning Program here at UCLA. Developing the Posterior Chain is absolutely critical in the physical preparation of the football student-athlete. The Reverse Hyper® gives us the freedom to train the Posterior Chain every day that we are in the weightroom.

Westside Barbell Power Rack
Westside Barbell Power Rack

This rack comes with weight storage; still has Westside style features 1″ incremental loading and spotting graduating to 2″ for a total of 41 adjustment points.Includes 1 set of safety pins, 1 set of jay hooks, 4 sets of band holders that can be placed in various lateral positions and a pull-up bar.

Gravity Crunch1
Westside Barbell Gravity Crunch

The old vertical knee raise is a thing of the past. This is a phenominal abdominal workout without the strain on the shoulders and elbows. By adjusting the footbar you can even adjust the intensity of the workout.

Plyo Swing

The Plyo Swing or Virtual Force Swing is essential for sports requiring extreme strength or explosive power during take-offs and landings, and for sports involving jumping, sprinting or lifting.

Hip & Quad Developer, Pro
Hip & Quad Developer, Pro

Designed and built to strengthen and create explosive hips, this unique, patented machine will begin firing just above the knees, into the quadriceps and on to the hip flexors and abdominals.

2015 Equipment Catalog Westside Barbell

The Westside Barbell Static/Dynamic line is by far the most effective and result-producing equipment in existence to build speed and explosive power. If you want to lead your team to the top of your division in a ball sport or throw distances never dreamed of as well as raising all five classical lifts, the answer to your dreams is the Static/Dynamic Equipment line by Westside Barbell and Watson Gym Equipment.