Speed Endurance or Aerobic Capacity?

“Human running speed is largely independent of aerobic power during all-out sprints lasting <1 minute." Weyland, et al. 1999 So why do coaches have their athletes spend countless hours doing "cardio" when the event(s) their athletes compete in have little dependence on the aerobic system? *Train the proper energy system *Sprints up to 400m are considered oxygen-deficit events. *Oxygen deficit is recovered through heavy breathing after the conclusion of the event. *Aerobic Capacity and Speed Endurance are not the same thing. *If a sprinting athlete (track, football, lacrosse, basketball, etc) cannot finish strongly, ie the rate of deceleration progresses quickly he/she either lacks strength or an inability to deliver strength more rapidly (explosive power). *Underground Secrets to Faster Running. Barry Ross.

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