Choosing the right Strength Coach for your athletes.

If you are a parent, coach or athletic director today it may seem a daunting task to research what the best training methods are for your athletes. Who to hire? What methods are the best and safest? What equipment to use or choose for your schools weight room? Especially with the web today, there is a ton of information out there about how to train for sports. I hope that this brief article will begin to clarify the muddy waters.
First, there are only two ways to train, the right way and the wrong way. For the sake of brevity, let’s talk about the right way.
The methods I use are founded in research. These methods, known as “Westside Barbell Methods” have been tested on thousands of athletes from around the world. (See Supertraining by Mel Siff, and Science and Practice of Strength by Zatsiorsky.)
If you want to run faster, jump higher, throw farther or harder, and change direction quicker you must get stronger! It’s Newton’s Second Law. F=MxA In order to accomplish this, there are very specific methods to use. They are:
1. The Maximal Effort Method, this method is the greatest method for training athletes because it “improves both intramuscular and intermuscular coordination”. -Zatsiorsky, Science and Practice of Strength p.81.
2. The Dynamic Effort Method helps to develop a fast rate of force development.
3. The Repetition Method develops hypertrophy or muscle mass for beginners and for those athletes who play contact, collision or combat sports.
4. Jumping or plyometrics for developing explosive power.
These methods are organized by a certified Strength Coach into “cycles” that consist of monthly, weekly and daily plans. All or some of these methods are used in every single workout. Results are guaranteed because the methods have already been tested and proven. Call me, Coach Pete at Achieve in Scarsdale for more information! 914-472-1813 or on my cell 914-263-0874.

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Run faster, jump higher, throw farther by getting stronger.

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